Skipper service

The job of a professional skipper in charter is to provide relaxed sailing for clients who do not have the necessary experience for independent sailing and a license to operate a boat. The professional skipper has undergone thorough practical and theoretical nautical training, and has extensive experience in seven-day charter weeks with clients through which he has acquired all the necessary knowledge and skills. The duties of the skipper are to take over the charter vessel (check in) before the clients come on board to establish that the vessel is technically correct and ready to sail. Also, duties include regular detailed monitoring of winds and other weather conditions for the coming week and determining an interesting sailing route for clients. A well-thought-out sailing route must include beautiful natural bays for relaxing clients, historical tourist attractions, quality gastronomy, safe mooring for the boat which means booking moorings in marinas and outside on time due to crowds in season, electricity and water supply on the shore or solid quality buoys with heavy blocks at the bottom of the sea. The place to spend the night must always be protected from possible storms and strong winds. On the sailing route, at the request of the clients, the skipper can also provide an active holiday such as renting a kayak, bicycle, qvad, jet-ski, tourist guide, wine tasting if the clients have such affinities. The job of a professional skipper is to sail independently whenever the weather forecast allows it, and to dock and moor the boat safely in all weather conditions. Technical knowledge is also desirable for the skipper in order to eliminate minor breakdowns on the ship that are often unavoidable. Providing first aid is the same knowledge that a skipper must possess. Often times, families with children come on a boat trip, which requires greater caution of the skipper in sailing and skills in communication and play with children in order to fulfill their desires for fun while sailing. A professional skipper is responsible for the safety of the crew and ship 0-24 and as such must possess various psycho-physical abilities. All of the above is necessary for a quality and safe vacation that will long be remembered. We recommend that you hire your professional skipper!