BVI (British Virgin Islands)

British Virgin Islands

Explore a beautiful part of the British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean Sea that is full of spectacular scenery, beautiful mountains, coral reefs and sandy white beaches. The BVI have a lot to offer! You can try fishing, diving and underwater exploration, enjoy superb Caribbean food, swim on white beaches and relax in quiet hidden coves. Take an unforgettable cruise with a skipper and hostess on a fast sailboat or a spacious catamaran in the BVI to enjoy your vacation carefree. From expansive beaches to small villages, you’re sure to find your own reason to cruise the BVI again!

General about the BVI

The British Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico, forming part of the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. Located in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands have crystal clear seas, sun-drenched harbors and white sandy beaches. Among the more than 50 unspoiled islands that make up the BVI are various harbors. The British Virgin Islands consist of 4 larger islands: Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada and 32 smaller islands. The British Virgin Islands lie northeast of the United States Virgin Islands.


British Virgin Islands

Nautical infrastructure in the BVI

You can be sure you’ll get the support you need to make your trip a smooth cruise experience, from start to finish. On the islands, you will always be close to amenities, from delicious restaurants and cocktail bars to local shops.

Prices for a catamaran or sailboat cruise vary depending on several factors. First, the condition and characteristics of the ship and the sailing season can affect the price. Likewise, chartering with or without a captain and crew will also affect the cost of your sailboat or catamaran cruise in the BVI.

Climate and cruising conditions in the BVI

The best time for sailing is from mid-November to the end of May. The main season is from mid-December to March when the weather conditions are perfect. Sailing in the BVI at this time is a very good idea because the weather is ideal.

Temperatures in the BVI are around 77°F to 82°F year round. August is the warmest and sunniest month and sea temperatures are warmest in September, which is ideal for BVI yacht charter. The off-season is summer, when there are less crowds. Hurricane season is between June and October, which is also the rainiest month.

Sailing conditions in the British Virgin Islands are excellent for beginner sailors, with light and almost constant winds for most of the year, calm seas and easy navigation.

Winds are mostly east or northeast, depending on the season. Watch out for hurricane season from September to mid-November.


British Virgin Islands

BVI sailing locations

Whether you plan to explore the area for a week or longer, there are plenty of places to discover. Your Caribbean utopia awaits with its picturesque coastlines, huge granite rocks, delicious Caribbean food and great diving spots.

With a string of islands in the northeastern Caribbean, charter guests can expect beautiful blue waters flowing into shaded caves and onto soft-sand beaches. Whether you’re on a romantic vacation, a family adventure, or celebrating something special like a birthday, when you leave our base in Tortola, you’ll greet true paradise.

We suggest that you start your sailing in Virgin Gorda and explore the famous Virgin Gorda Baths. Then head to Necker Island, a stunningly unspoiled area of the Caribbean. Then head to pristine Anegada, the only coral island in the volcanic chain of the Virgin Islands. Anegada is characterized by its almost flat altitude, striking coral reefs that surround it, hidden sandy beaches and clear springs that spring from coral beds.

Facilities and activities in the BVI

When it comes to activities in the British Virgin Islands, there is so much to see and warm Caribbean waters where you can dive, snorkel and swim. During your BVI yacht charter, you can easily hop between uninhabited islands, resorts and beachside villages, dine at waterfront restaurants, shop at local boutiques and relax at some of the world’s best beach bars.

On the islands, you will always be close to many amenities, from delicious restaurants and cocktail bars to local shops.

Whether you’re at the helm or lounging on the sundeck, you’ll find there’s nothing better than island hopping from the deck of your very own British Virgin Islands catamaran.

For all explorers, coral reefs surround the coast in an array of colors and are home to equally colorful marine life. Anegada Coral Atoll is the resting place of many shipwrecks and offers incredible underwater views for diving. If you’re looking for a more relaxed vacation, bars, shops and restaurants further inland spill over the winding streets, and timeless villages are filled with the familiar island ambience. Regardless of your idea of a good time, a BVI sailing vacation has something for everyone.

The BVI is also one of the best places to enjoy sailing if you are a history buff. With residents settling 2,300 years ago, the BVI’s history includes pirates, Dutch settlers and hurricanes. There are plenty of places to soak up history on our BVI itinerary, including the ruins of St. Michael’s Church and Fort Charlotte.

You can explore the ‘sunken island’ of Anegada or visit the geological wonder known as The Baths, with towering granite cliffs forming a maze of pathways leading to hidden pools and grottoes.

Be sure to try the cuisine on Anegada, a low coral island where you will see flamingos, salt lakes and white sandy beaches.

Try diving in the Rhone Marine Park. One of the best things to do in the BVI is to explore the caves on Norman Island, before sailing to the Rhone Marine Park to dive over the wreck of the steamer RMS Rhone, which sank in 1867.

Nightlife in the BVI

Along with a lush landscape, this colorful archipelago has a wonderful Caribbean culture. From dancing under the stars at the many full moon parties to sipping rum cocktails to live steel drums, the BVI has a rich nightlife.

Head to Tortola, the largest island in the archipelago, to visit Road Town – the capital of the BVI. This vibrant city is also the entertainment capital of the archipelago, with live music and dancing in bars and clubs until the early hours of the morning. As an essential BVI yachting hub, Road Town also has sheltered harbors, plenty of mooring options and a downtown marina. Alternatively, head to Cane Garden Bay on the north side of the island for a beach bar with live music and full moon entertainment.

The Spanish town on Virgin Gorda is the second largest city in the BVI. After a day of exploring the Baths – a beach of giant granite rocks – to the south, head into town for sunset cocktails by the roaring fire.

Sail to the southern side of the volcanic island of Jost Van Dyke and visit a beach bar named after the sailors who swam ashore to pay with wet bills. Try the Painkiller cocktail; a more powerful and deceptively punchy mix of dark rum, pineapple juice, orange juice and coconut cream with a hint of nutmeg.

British Virgin Islands