Sardinia is located in the middle of the Mediterranean, and it is made up of extraordinary white sand beaches, emerald blue sea and mostly undeveloped coasts with rugged cliffs and lush vegetation. Sardinia has a coastline of 1848 km which includes many small islands, rocky shores and white sandy beaches. The nearby Maddalena Islands, once Lord Admiral Nelson’s naval base, are now a nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From national parks to indigenous cuisine, there’s nothing that won’t impress us while sailing Sardinia!


General about Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean, with an area of 24,000 square meters, with about 1.6 million inhabitants. It belongs to Italy and is located 202 kilometers from the Italian mainland. It is separated from the French island of Corsica by the Strait of Bonifacio. The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari in the south. Castello, the old town of Cagliari, is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the entire bay of Cagliari.

The landscape in Sardinia is so diverse that some call it a “microcontinent”. The region is full of yellow-beige sand and secret caves, as well as pink granite beaches and abundant minerals. Sardinia is a place that is best explored on a sailing holiday.

The island’s history is quintessentially Mediterranean, and its Italian roots mean that this destination combines great food, wine and climate with a distinctly Sardinian rocky landscape.

Nautical infrastructure in Sardinia

Along the coast of Sardinia there are almost 40 marinas, many harbors and anchorages. In the northeast of the island, Sardinia has an excellent infrastructure with modern and comfortable marinas.


Climate and cruising conditions in Sardinia

May, June, July, August and September are perfect times to visit Sardinia. Late summer is especially good because then the sea is warm. Sardinia’s climate is classic Mediterranean, which means you’ll experience hot, dry summers that are tempered by refreshing sea breezes.

This area is ideal for experienced nautical crews with strong westerly to northwesterly winds along the west coast and strong southerly to southeasterly winds prevailing along the east coast.

Sailing locations in Sardinia

Apart from the possibility of sailing along the coast of Sardinia, perhaps the most attractive reason to sail here is the magnificent islands of La Maddalena. A collection of islands so spectacular that they have been declared a national marine park.

We recommend that you definitely check out the stunning Costa Smeralda coastline, the natural wonders of Maddalena and the incredible cliff-top village of Bonifacio.

The stunning rock site of Isola Tavolara is best viewed from the sea. The waters around the rock are beautiful and it is the perfect place to snorkel or enjoy a sunset dinner.

If glamor attracts you, then visit Porto Cervo. Its harbors are full of the world’s best superyachts, and on the coast you will find the most popular and highly regarded restaurants, bars and shops of the Costa Smeralda.

Take a look at the following locations: Prince’s Beach, Cannigione, Santa Teresa Galura, Corsica, Portisco.

Diving in Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the best places for the best diving in the entire Mediterranean. Divers love the area’s caves, wrecks and rich marine life.

Among the sandy seabed, labyrinth-like caves, divers have the opportunity to find rays, tunas, groupers, barracudas, fish that cannot be reached by the sun, dolphins, octopuses…

Nightlife in Sardinia

Sardinia is known for its legendary nightlife. Some of the most famous destinations are: Costa Smeralda, San Teodoro, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Alghero, Villasimius.