Boat delivery

If you need service of boat delivery from anywhere in the world, SAILS of ADRIATIC offer a team of professional skippers who will be happy to do it for you. Taking over the boat (check in), determining a safe sailing route (passage plan) to the final destination and handing over the boat (check out). The vessel is delivered in a crew of two or three professional skippers, depending on the length of the journey. SAILS of ADRIATIC will make sure that the transfer of your vessel is done by these experienced long-term skippers. The price of the service depends on several aspects, so it is determined after the collected data through a conversation with the client. The price of the service includes the cost of air ticket for the crew, food, fuel for the boat, marinas on the transfer route in case of bad weather and salary for the crew. For more detailed information, it is necessary to arrange a meeting, we look forward to meeting you.