Frequently asked questions

The choice of the vessel depends entirely on your wishes and preferences. Our offer includes following vessel types:
Sailing boats – excellent for both family and active vacation
Catamarans – very stable and comfortable
Motor boats – for speed sailing enthusiasts
Gulet most suitable for big group of tourists. (more than 10 people)


Before choosing a vessel, please bear in mind the following details:
How many people will be on board?
Does your group consist of pairs who can share the same cabin, or do some crew members require a separate cabin?
Do you prefer comfort?
Do you require a skipper or not? If you need skipper’s services, please bear in mind that the skipper sleeps on board as well, so one of the berths (either in the saloon area or in a cabin) should belong to him.

The main features of catamarans are more space and comfort especially in a salon and in a cockpit. When sailing they slight tilt. They have shallower draft than sailboats and two engines which make manoeuvring easier. But on the other hand, their width can sometimes be a drawback, when manoeuvring in narrow harbours or marinas.

On Adriatic the peak season is in July and August and if you are not limited with school summer vacation or working schedule the recommended time for chartering the boat is September or June as more convenient prices are offered in these months. Besides lower prices, better choice of the boats, good weather and are just some of the advantages that give you the better value for money.


Sailing season is from late April to early November. Summer months are mostly characterized by beautiful and stable weather. During the spring and autumn weather is still warm and windy which combined with good prices and less people gives enough reasons for good sailing.


Temperature along the coast: 13 to 18 °C during Apr and Nov, from 18 to 23 °C during May and Octo, from 23 to 30 °C during Jun, July, Aug and Sept. The temperature of the sea ranges: 15 to 17°C in Apr, May, Nov, from 18 to 21°C in June, Oct. From 21 to 25 °C in Jul, Aug, Sep.

Sailing yacht charters usually begin and end on Saturdays. However, should you desire to take a several days long sailing trip in the off season (October – April), it can be organized and the price is then calculated according to the number of days spent on board. During the high-season (in June, July and August, as well as beginning September and end May), it is more difficult to organize this type of charter since these are the busiest months for the charter companies and most weeks are sold out well in advance (therefore, the price is unlikely to be flexible, and you would usually be charged for a full week).

Skipper’s services are paid separately from the charter fee. The guests are obliged to pay them (or those of a hostess or cook) as well as food and drink for the skipper or other crew members. Skipper is in charge of navigating and boat safety. He is not responsible for boat cleaning. On the gullets, the crew expenses (captain, sailor, cook) are already included in the charter fee. Mega-yachts and sailing boats exceeding certain length are chartered exclusively with a crew (of the vessel owner), in which case the crew expenses are included in the charter fee.

It is strongly recommended to charter a bigger boat and to provide the skipper with his own cabin. Since he is in charge of the day-to-day running of the yacht as well as the security of people on board, he should be well-rested – apart from that, the guest will have more comfort and a free saloon area to hang out. However, skipper can sleep in the saloon area as well. Every vessel is registered up to a certain number of people (the law does not allow this number to be exceeded) – if this number does not include a berth in the saloon area, the skipper is required to have his own cabin.

From 01.01.2023 € is new Croatian currency.

Boats are returned to the base on Friday afternoon/evening with an overnight on board till Saturday morning between 08:00 am and 09:00 am, when the check-out procedure is done. At that time the guests should leave the boat, so that it can be cleaned and prepared for new guests. The vessel can also be returned to the base on Saturday, but before 8am, in order for guests to have enough time to fill the tank before leaving the boat.

Changes of the crew are possible – however, this should be indicated in advance, before embarkation, so as to make crew lists, on which the dates of changes as well information on people joining or leaving the crew will be specified. Before taking over the boat, the charter agency will provide the guests with a verified crew list with data both before and after the change, which the guests have to have during the sailing. If the crew suddenly changes during the cruise, without previous notice, the guests are obliged to contact the charter agency and inform them about the changes in order for them to send a new verified crew list. The new list can then be sent via fax to the guests (to any place where they are at that moment). In case of a control, the guests have to present the new crew list, although they are obliged to keep the old one as well.

Charter price is usually formed per boat weekly, no matter how many people will be on board (the maximum number of passengers is always limited depending on the size of the yacht). Therefore, charter price covers the vessel rental, all navigation and safety equipment, dinghy and the bed linens. The obligatory payment that needs to be done at embarkation is transit log or charter pack and the residence tax. Outboard engine, gennaker, spinnaker, snorkelling equipment are optional services that are not in charter fee included and can be arranged at surcharge.